IPTV Restream

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If you want to buy the channel for restream I can give the good channel with the great price. You can contact us to get your trial version and test the stream before you decide to pay for it. But first, make sure you aware of What is IPTV restream? What do you need to restream?

Please read on to understand it before you start your own business.

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IPTV Restream with us it means you use our stream with your server and your customer use from your server. Every Stream you need one connection. If you want to have 100 channels you need to buy 100 connections.

For example, you buy 100 connections from us, you can put 100 channels on your server and have all customers watch in the same list channels with 100 channels. How many clients can watch your list it depend on how big your server was.

If you want to restream Brazil channels, Italia channels or USA channels you can search that channel from my whole list, choose the channel you want to restream and put it on your server.

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There are three important things you must have if you want to be an IPTV restream:

  • Dedicated Server(s)
  • IPTV Panel / Middleware – Xtream Codes Panel
  • Streams / Source / VOD (Content)
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How many customers can use your service, it is defended on your server (on the bandwidth of your server). For example, your server has 1Gbps guaranteed-bandwidth about 150 users can watch at the same time.

Some company has a good server for IPTV: worldstream.nlovh.comdatapacket. If you just start to restreaming and looking for a server, I recommend https://datapacket.com/. They have the good server for restream with many locations. When you order a server from them and make a note: Best-buyiptv.com you will have 10% discount on the third month of usage

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You need to buy Xtream-codes license. You have to buy it from the official website: Xtream Codes

When you have your own panel you can:

  • Manage your client
  • Manage restream channels

After that, you can install the Xtream-codes panel on your server. If you are a technician it will be easier

This is the guide to install Xtream-codes:

  1. Review of Xtream-Codes IPTV Panel Professional Edition – Part 1: Introduction, Initial Setup, Adding Streams…
  2. Xtream Codes IPTV Panel Review – Part 2: Movie Data Editing, Security, Resellers, Users and Pricing Management
  3. Xtream-Codes IPTV Panel Review – Part 3: Updates and New Features for Version 2.4.2
  4. Xtream Codes IPTV Panel 2.4.2 Review – Part 4: Tutorial to Change the Main Server, Backup & Restore the Database
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Streams: There is a lot of providers for IPTV restream. You can do your research on the internet to find them. Or you can get the stream from us. We provide a list of more than 4000 channels with good quality for restream.

Our server is stable, strong dedicated server, great load balancer

You can also request to have some extra channels which are not already on the server, we can try to find and add these channels to the server as soon as possible. We support almost servers like Xtream Codes and others.

Also, we will assist you within 24 hours.

You can see detail about the price for restream. You buy more connections and I will give a special discount.

Price for re-stream:
10 connections = 50$ /month
20 connections = 80$ /month
50 connections = 150$/month
100 connections = 300$ /month
200 connections = 500$/month
300 connections = 700$/month
400 connections = 900$/ month
more 500 connections = $2/1 connection
more 1000 connections = $1.5 /1 connection
more 2000 connections = $1.4/1 connection
more 3000 connections = $1.3/1 connection

VOD: We will help you build up your own video library. We provide VOD service boasts over 8000 VOD with multiple languages. We have an array of the movie from German, English, India, Italia, etc and TV show which are rich in content. Our VOD library was organized by country. We provide about 20 packages of VOD. Our VOD list was sorted by the country like English Movie, German Movie, Indian Movie, Kid Movie, 3D Movie, etc. You can easy to choose any package your client want to watch and buy it.

Buy it one time and you will own it.  When you buy VOD from us I will upload it to your server. You can edit, delete your videos and customize your VOD package.

If you are interested in VOD, you can contact us. We will provide a test link for you.

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